Hire Terms and Conditions


“We”, “Us”, “Our”, “The Owner”

“You”, “Your”, “The Hirer”

“The Equipment”

“Total Loss”

Event Electrical Ltd

The person named as The Hirer on the Hire Agreement

The items listed in the quote accepted by The Hirer.

Any loss or damage that is not repairable or that is deemed more expensive to repair than the market value of the Equipment

Terms of Hire

Any Equipment hired is the direct responsibility of the Hirer for the duration of time that it is in their possesion. The Hirer agrees to insure the equipment against all damage, theft or loss at their own expense for the duration of the hire period. All hire Equipment is accepted as being in a functional condition at the time of delivery. The Hirer must not add to, alter, modify, adapt or interfere with in any way any item of equipment hired, nor will they allow any other party to do so. The Hirer will be charged for any damage, maintenance or repairs made to the Equipment that has occured through misuse or negligence.

In the event of Total Loss of any Equipment the Hirer agrees to pay the Owner the full replacement cost for the items damaged or lost. The Hirer shall not part with possesion or control of any equipment at any time during the period of hire stated. The tItle to all Hired Equipment shall remain with Event Electrical Ltd at all times.

The Hirer will be subject to extra and continuing hire charges for any period that the equipment is not returned successfully to the Hirer or if the Equipment is returned incomplete.

Upon cancellation the Hirer agrees to pay any cancellation charges as listed in the terms.

Cancellation charges:

  • If the hire is cancelled at least 2 weeks before the hire date – No Charge
  • If the hire is cancelled at least 48 hours before the hire date – 50% Charge
  • If the hire is cancelled less than 48 hours before the hire date – 100% Charge